Teenagers at Carolina Elegance

Teenagers at Carolina Elegance


My siblings are a good bit older than I am so my 14 nieces and nephews have meant that there are always teenagers around our family…and babies too, for that matter.  I was the youngest sibling and, if I do say so myself, (humble, huh?) the coolest one too.  The nieces and nephews always seemed to want to hang out with Aunt Ka.  We would do fun things like get all of the pillows and blankets in the house and build forts and tunnels and crawl around and go crazy.  As soon as I had my driver’s license we would pile into my car and head to the beach and like I have mentioned before, we would “want” to go to the Isle of Palms where Carolina Elegance is located but that was the high class beach where the rich folk would go and we were certainly not the rich folk in town.  There never seemed to be a place to park if you didn’t live or rent on the Isle of Palms so we would have to drive to Folly Beach.  Folly was never as desirable but we could park on the street and walk right to the beach.  It seemed OK at the time.

The Beach

So, I did learn that teenagers love the beach!  They enjoy strutting on the beach and going in the water and flirting with other teenagers.  They act like they don’t care about anything in the world but we all know that they certainly care about everything.


Many of the restaurants on the Isle of Palms close to Carolina Elegance have music almost every night.  If you take the teenagers out to these places the adults can sit at one table and the teens can sit together and feel like they are doing their own thing and enjoy the music and they will meet other teens at the beach and in these venues.

Volleyball in the Pool at Carolina Elegance

This is a big win for everyone.  The pool at Carolina Elegance is a volleyball pool so a net goes across the middle and teenagers (adults too but we are talking about the teens right now) LOVE to get with other teens and play volleyball in the pool.  They WILL meet other teens on the beach and walking around town and YOU will want them to bring those kids to your house so that you know where they are and what they are doing, right?  Perfect.  Let them get together and play right in the pool where you can watch them the entire time.  Perfect!

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