Things to Do in Charleston with Kids

Things to Do in Charleston with Kids


Once you arrive at Carolina Elegance you will notice that there are many things for the children to do of all ages.  There are video consoles – the new Wii U and XBox with many games and controllers.  These are set up in a video room that the children who enjoy video games may stay in for way too many hours if you let them decide on their own.  There are board games and trucks and Lego and books and kids movies on almost all of the 10 televisions.  There is a private pool and remember that the beach is only a 3-4 minute walk from the house.

You will likely want to get them out and explore Charleston and the Isle of Palms so we want to give you some ideas if you need them for your visit.  Since we grew up poor we had to find the things that were fun, exciting and inexpensive or FREE.  Here were some of our favorites.

Two big hits in downtown Charleston are the Charleston City Market and Waterfront Park. These two free Charleston attractions fun for the entire family. At the Charleston City Market you can find anything from sweetgrass baskets which are amazing to just stand there and watch the locals make to jewelry to toys to any sort of knickknacks related to Charleston you can think of.
 Waterfront Park is the place to walk to after you have had enough of Charleston City Market.  There are free bathrooms in the Charleston City Market and there are other bathrooms in the parking garage on the way over to Waterfront Park.  I have always loved going to Waterfront Park to people watch and the kids will love going there to find other children to play with and to run after and to spend time in the splash area.  When it is a hot day they will enjoy it even more.  The adults can just sit on a bench and watch the boats go by and the children play.  They will play so hard that they will not have any trouble falling fast asleep that night for sure.

There are also the swings, and the wharf.  After splashing around, kids will get a kick out of watching boats and dolphins pass in the Charleston harbor from the wharf railing or the swinging benches.

Hampton Park   A little further up the peninsula  is my favorite park in Charleston.  For those of you who enjoy history, not me – I like math and science, look it up and read about how this park was once an  old racetrack, parade ground and prisoner of war camp during the Civil War (actually I don’t think there was anything CIVIL about that war)  next to the Citadel Military College is a big expanse of greenery.

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