Romantic Things to Do

Romantic Things to Do


I love Charleston and the romance of Charleston.   Just walking hand in hand down the beach at the Isle of Palms with a drink in hand to watch the sunset — we also love when we have our lab, Max, with us and he can run in the waves and come bouncing back to us and shake off right as he gets close.  There is nothing like going downtown and taking a Carriage Ride and no matter how many times I get to do that it will never get old.  Another fun thing is to get dressed up and go from restaurant to restaurant and sit at the bar and just have an appetizer and a glass of wine each and share it and share bites with each other.  Walking down the battery and through White Point Gardens and being silly around the canons and taking funny photos of each other by all of the tourist locations is always fun.

Please share with us your fun moments and post them on the Carolina Elegance Facebook page for other guests to see, as well.

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