There used to be fewer lodging options for vacationers in the past. Nowadays, the advent of Airbnb and the internet have made it possible to find and access various properties. It can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. For this reason, you must be able to go with the best rental property for your stay.

How to Choose the Best Rental Property for Vacation/Staycation

The choice of rental property you choose to use as a vacationer can determine how your stay will be. You will have the best experience throughout your period of vacation if you choose the best property. The same can only be said if the property is up to standard. Therefore, it is imperative that you set an expectation of what you want from a rental property.

A clear checklist is good when looking for the best rental property during the holidays, as it will help narrow your search. You must know that you only sometimes get what you see. Therefore, you must discern the listing’s accuracy. To make this easier for you, below are some tips that will help you when you are looking for a rental property for vacation:

1. Read the description

Every rental property must have a description. You can have an idea of what a property is all about when you look at the description of the listing. It is common for many property owners to exaggerate their properties and only state the pros rather than the cons.

In reading the description, could you take note of its balance? It must mention both the pros and the possible cons. As a vacationer, this honesty will help you decide if it is a place you can stay.

The needs of everyone are different, and there will be some people who will still be convenient with some cons. Also, it is recommended that you avoid any property with a description containing too many exclamation points.

2. Read the reviews

Reviews are mostly written by previous customers who have stayed in the rental property at one time or the other. You can learn more about the quality of the rental property you are looking at from reviews.

Nevertheless, you must know that those who usually write reviews are those whose experiences with the property have either been wonderful or terrible. Therefore, do not base your decision on only this factor.

If the property you want does not have reviews, it only sometimes means it is not good. It could be that such property was recently added to the site. If this is the situation, you can contact the property owner. This way, you can get more information about the property.

3. Carefully check amenities

check amenities of rental property

As earlier stated, you should have expectations about the type of property you want when going on vacation. This is because only some rental property is good for some vacationers. To ensure you get all you need, check the amenities listed in the price carefully.

You can check if the property provides towels and toilet paper or if you need to bring along yours. If you also intend to prepare meals yourself, check if the property has a well-equipped kitchen.

You will avoid unpleasant and nasty surprises along the road when you ensure that you know what you will be getting. For checking the amenities of a rental property, the search filters of the booking website can be very useful.

4. Check the map

Check the map of rental properties

Before traveling, you should check the map of the place you intend to visit. This way, you can gather much information about the place. You can confirm the addresses of potential rentals and determine their proximity to the attractions you want to visit. Since vacation rentals do not have room service, you will also want to know where the neighborhood restaurants and supermarkets are.

By getting a broad perspective, you can plan your trip. You can view information such as nearby restaurants, travel times to nearby beaches, and pharmacy locations. With all this information, you will not have to make any guesses, giving you enough time to enjoy your trip.

5. Consider the transportation

For an exciting vacation, it is essential to research the precise location of the property you are considering and the local transportation options. The property may be on the other side of town, and you may want to spend the entire day at the lake or beach. Nobody wants to deal with that hassle.

Although less expensive rentals are found outside the central location, you might spend more on transportation. Also, whether or not you bring your car depends on your preferences. Make sure there is easy access to public transit from your rental.

6. Check your dates

Make a list of all potential travel dates to get started. The cost of your vacation rental may vary depending on your selected dates. Price changes can vary significantly and frequently impact where you choose to stay.

For instance, you may prefer to stay in a pricier location because it has excellent reviews or is situated in a desirable area. Increase your savings potential by moving your stay dates back a few days.

Rates will rise during busy periods like the holidays as rental demand increases. Traveling before or right after a holiday can result in substantial savings. It will be less expensive to make a reservation during the week than over the weekend.


It is sometimes challenging to find the right rental property for your vacation. However, ensure that you take the time to consider all the available options. Your vacation will have a personal, homey touch with the right property.