When needing a place to stay during your vacation, your accommodation should be in a great location, comfortable, clean, affordable, and with high-class amenities. Even though staying in a hotel for a couple of days can be good, you can enjoy these benefits and more when you usually stay in a vacation rental.

What Are Vacation Rentals?

More Space


Vacation rentals can be rented out for a short-term stay, usually for vacation or holiday purposes. They come in different forms, such as apartments, condos, cottages, villas, cabins, and boats. They provide a comfortable and often more affordable alternative to staying in a hotel, especially for families or groups of friends.

Also, the rise of online booking has made vacation rentals increasingly popular, and likewise is the desire for more unique and personalized travel experiences. They offer a way to live like a local and immerse oneself in the destination’s culture.

What Are Traditional Hotels?

Traditional hotels are commercial establishments that offer lodging to travelers, usually for short-term stays. They feature private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and provide amenities like room service, daily housekeeping, and 24-hour front desk service.

Traditional hotels can range from budget-friendly options to luxury properties with upscale facilities like spas, restaurants, and fitness centers. They are often located in popular tourist areas, business districts, or near transportation hubs.

The Benefits of Vacation Rentals Vs. Traditional Hotels

Vacation rentals differ from traditional hotels, even though they are mostly for short-term stays. Unlike vacation rentals, most hotels allow a specific number of people per room. A vacation rental is the best option when you are more than four and will be staying for more than three days. Here are some of the benefits of vacation rentals over traditional hotels:

Saving cost

Vacation rentals are usually less expensive than hotels because there are no hidden fees by third parties. The cost for traditional hotels may drastically increase when you require an expensive unit or two rooms that can accommodate a large family or older children. Although not all vacation rentals come cheap, they are still affordable compared to a traditional hotel.

The best option would be a vacation rental when you have to eat thrice daily. This is because the kitchen of this type of property is often equipped. It is cost-effective to use a vacation rental when you have to travel with a large party. This is in addition to it being more spacious than traditional hotels.

More space

Most vacation rentals are bigger than hotels. You can find vacation rentals of various types, from apartments to condos to complete and furnished homes. There are options, and it all depends on what you want. This is different from hotel rooms, usually without spaces for luggage. In other words, hotel rooms have limited space.

If your vacation rental is not a studio apartment, it will have designated areas like the kitchen, bedroom, and living space. This compartment type allows you to stash your luggage in the wardrobe and hang your clothes. You must do this in something other than traditional hotels.

Comfort of home

Comfort of home


The amenities you will find in vacation rentals cannot be compared to those in the hotel. The features of vacation rentals are similar to what you have in your home. When you stay in this type of accommodation, you have access to pool or beach items, washers, games, books, dishes, and appliances.

These extras can make your vacation more comfortable for you and your group. Moreover, you must feel at home while away for a long time. Vacation rentals offer you this luxury.


Unlike vacation rentals, hotels are often shared with guests. The number of occupants in a hotel in an instant can be more than one hundred in some cases. Housekeepers will walk around to get some work done, the HVAC or elevator can be noisy, and the environment can be busy.

Luckily, vacation rentals do not have the issues mentioned above. When you stay in a vacation rental, you can do what you like anytime you want without being interfered with. There is also the safety that comes with parking your car in the garage, which you cannot get when you pay to keep your car in a hotel.

Access to the kitchen

When you stay in vacation rentals, you have free access to the kitchen equipped with cleaning supplies, utensils, plates, pans, and pots. You will not need to keep eating out when you can easily make your favorite dish for the group in the kitchen. Moreover, being able to cook allows you to get groceries, which can also be cost-effective.

Most people eat out a couple of times a week. However, you must be able to make breakfast and prepare coffee when you need to eat something. In addition to this being less costly, your food will be healthier, and you will be happy making it yourself. When you choose to eat out, it will be a special moment you can remember.


Vacation rentals are the best option for renting accommodation on vacation or holiday. This is because it offers you and your group more privacy, comfort, and peace than traditional hotels.